Courting Your Customers in 2018

  • Jul 3, 2018

In our world today, 81% of people are on at least one social media platform. Companies have gone to relying on social media to reach out and touch their target audience because they can reach a much larger group with just one post.

However, what is lost in the world of social media? The personal touch. When business owners focus more on social media marketing they lose the opportunity to truly know their customer. As we all have all experienced when there is not a relationship between the business and the customer than it is easy for another business to come in and do the exact same thing. So, what is the answer?

In a study that was conducted by BPMA in 2014 they found that over half of the studies participants opinions improved after they were sent a promotional product. But most importantly over 79% said they would likely become a customer of the business that sent them a promotional product and would be a repeat customer. Even more impressive is that 94% never forgot the company that gave them the promotional product.

Now you may be asking how do we move forward in today’s digital world? We do that by taking the best of what social media has to offer and combining it with promotional products to not only reach as many people as possible but to build the relationships that are so important to retain the customers once we get them.

But how do you know what products will best promote your business? And when should you give them out? The most obvious answer is at networking events, tradeshows, community events and conferences because if you think about it what do you see the most? Top five promotional products; tote bags, USB drives, pens mugs and of course printed material.

Sometimes these will work and other times they will not. If your goals are clear than a promotional product will enhance your marketing efforts.

Try to accomplish these three goals when creating these promotional product and digital marketing campaigns.

1.   Surprise Your Customers

Everyone says to have fantastic customer service. But with increasing competition companies struggle to compete for customer loyalty.

Surprise them by going the extra mile. Make them feel appreciated by sending hand written thank you notes after each order to provide that extra personal touch. In addition, many companies choose to send welcome gifts or branded swag bags. The important thing is for your customers to feel appreciated from day one.

This strategy not only helps with customer loyalty but also with brand recognition and if done right can create referrals through positive word of mouth.

2.   Brand Connection

Connect emotionally with your customers. Make them feel valued and show them they are not just another number.

Create a sense of community. Develop a deeper connection between your company and your customer. It’s that first touch, a first impression so to speak, that is the most important. Remember when you take the time to reach out to them and give them something it makes them feel valued. We all know the saying, “It’s the thought that counts”. Well it really is because with one click on the computer they can find your competition. So, handwritten cards and gifts in the mail are just a couple of ways your business can court your customers and show them you care.

3.   Useful Solutions

When choosing what to give your customers remember that the item needs to be useful. Something that can be used in their daily lives. The right item can serve as a daily reminder about your company. The more useful your items are to your customers the more it shows you care about them.

For example, do you know how much pizza is eaten every day in America? The answer is 100 acres. The average person eats pizza once a week. Why not give them a pizza cutter that is branded with your company logo. Every time they slice their pizza they will think about your company. They will appreciate it and it will remind them of your company.

In the end promotional products are just one way to reach out to your customers to show them you care about them and in a well-crafted marketing campaign you can utilize social media and promotional items to create more brand awareness and at the same time showing your customers how important they are to you.


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